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Tue Sep 7 06:40:41 PDT 2004

Golden Arrow X

Come join the shire of Stonebridge Keep as we celebrate our tenth anniversary September 24-26.
Golden Arrow is also the first stop on the Sting of Pearls tournament.
We will be offering the following:

Throwing weapons
A&S adult and kids
MoC with kids bardic
Stick horse (equestrian)

We will have a tavern and general store opening on Saturday. Friday night we will
have complementary snacks, followed by bardic competitions. 

Troll opens at 12:00 pm Friday and the site closes on Sunday at 12:00. 

Site fee:
$8.00 per adult
$7.00 per young adult (13-17)
$4.00 per child (5-12)
5 years old and under is free
$3.00 non member fee
Maximum charge $32.00 per family (Site Only)

Price for feast will be $6.00 for adults and $3.00 children.
There will be 75 feast openings. Make reservations now.

Feast o crat

Lady Adaleide of Werredal
 (Aka) Cheryl Greenwell
(361) 575-5848
slappysquirrel99 at yahoo.com

Thick as London Fog - spit green pea soup.
Stored and aged Cheese plate served with fresh plundered Bread.
Scurvy preventive fruit salad.
Charcoal grilled marinated chicken.
The Spanish Armada - yellow rice.
Grilled Vegetables,
Squashes, Tomatoes, Onions, and Bell Peppers.
And for desert:
Captain Cook's pineapple upside down cake.

William Killian, and Corinne Elizabeth Drake

More info can be found at:

Golden Arrow will be held at 
Brackenridge park 
hwy 172
Edna Texas

For questions contact me at
plsampson at hotpop.com or 361-782-9050

Penny Sampson <plsampson at hotpop.com>

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