[Ansteorra] The Talons (Fwd from Master Andrixos)

Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Tue Sep 7 09:55:34 PDT 2004

Jean Paul,
After there has been a recounting of the creation of the Optios, please
forward this to the Ansteorran list for me.
Thank you,
The Talons,
written on the day of the creation of the Optios of the Legion of Ansteorra
All know the Golden Eagle, grimly marching at the fore,
Flying over crimson fields made red by foemen's gore.
At such did all tribes tremble when Rome made the cry of war,
But now with Black Star on its chest, the Eagle flies once more.
    Lift high the Talon standard.  Let foemen fear and dread,
    For soon they will be littering our field with countless dead.
    For war the Eagle hungers, today it shall be fed.
    The Talons of the Optios shall soon be soaked in red.
For long years now Centurions are first in battle's line.
On their many fallen foemen do crows and ravens dine.
But now within the army, new omens start to shine.
A many-taloned Eagle is the foe's most dreaded sign.
"For an Eagle lacking Talons is not a fearsome thing,"
These were the words of Draco, the Black Star's noble King.
And when he did proclaim it, our cheers made rafters ring.
"This day we shall have Optios," and of this now I sing.
Within the ranks of battle, the Optios shall strive,
And should we ever falter, our strength they would revive.
Our army shall move forward, as long as one's alive.
Evan, Liam, Tarquin, Brom and Gavin the first five.
With Roman inspiration, and valor judged the same,
The Optios, our future hope, bring honor to that name.
>From now forever forward, the Optios may claim
Their well-earned share of glory, great portion of our fame.

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