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Wed Sep 8 06:47:01 PDT 2004

My family went to this exhibition at the London Museum of Science, last 
November.  If you are a fan of the movie, there are a great deal of the 
costumes, armor and weapons to see, along with the scale model of Minas 
Tirith..  There are exhibits on the computer animation of the battles 
and on the orc makeup.  There is very little on Smeagol/Gollum.   Also, 
a neat exhibit showing how the size adjustment was filmed.  We have a 
picture showing my kids as being  much larger than I am..

On caveat, In London there were no benches or chairs in the exhibit.  By 
the time I was ready to leave, I had four tired kids sitting on the 
floor, getting impatient.

Duke Richard

Susan Hill wrote:

> I thought that I would share some information that I received this week,
> knowing that most SCA-dians enjoy Tolkien and the Peter Jackson version
> of the tales that have been put on film the last three years.
> It has been announced that the travelling exhibit of The Lord of the
> Rings, the Motion PictureTriology will be coming to the Houston Museum of
> Natural Science in June, 2005 and should be there through the month of 
> August.
>> From everything I have heard, this is a must see opportunity. Among the 
> items that will be on display
> are:
> Theoden's Armor, Boromir in the boat, Sting and I believe Anduril, a
> full-sized Treebeard and cave troll. There are literally thousands of 
> things
> to check out and the influence of medieval crafts will be shown and
> discussed. I have several friends that have seen the exhibit in London 
> and Boston
> since it left Te Papa, New Zealand and they all recommend it very, very
> highly. I don't know about you, but I would love to get a look at some 
> of the
> armor and costumes very close up and personal. Here's a link to what the
> Boston Museum of Science has had with it.
> http://ww11.e-tractions.com/mos/run/lotr?rd=502
> I know of some folks who were contemplating a trip to Boston, now they 
> don't need to go so far, just to be patient for a few more months!
> Hope some of you find this useful.
> Linet
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