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Centurion Evets von Drachenklaue LordEvets at austin.rr.com
Wed Sep 8 16:14:44 PDT 2004

2002 is wrong. It was awarded to RHOADD. We're catching up to
--Centurion Evets
RHOADD High Command

Ok the history of the Kings Battle Ribbon is that it was established by His
Majesty Mahdi during his reign as King in 1997.  He wanted to do something
to honor the Mooneschadowe and Northkeep units at the war.  He also wanted
to establish something that would encourage units in the future to plan,
train, and turn out for the war.  The first one was awarded jointly the
Liondragon Guard or Mooneschadowe and the Northkeep Baronial War Unit
(Thorgrim's terror or something like that).  In the following years the
battle ribbon has traveled all over the Kingdom.  But seams to like to call
Mooneschadowe it home more often than not.

1997 - Mahdi - Mooneschadowe & Northkeep
1998 - Jean Richard Malcomson II - Mooneschadowe & Northkeep
1999 - Gunthar Jonsson - (if memory serves this was the year of the great
flood out and the ribbon was not awarded.)
2000 - Alaric Drake - Authurian Company of Elfsea
2001 - Jason MacPherson - War Company of Bryn Gwlad
2002 - Aaron McGregor - Coastal War Unit (I think)
2003 - Miguel Sebastian de Oporto - Mooneschadowe
2004 - Miguel Sebastian de Oporto II - Rhoadd-Western & The Light Cavalry

This is according to my memory so it could be off on the dates and
order.  I know that someone will correct me if I have made a mistake.


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