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RIsaac9056 at aol.com RIsaac9056 at aol.com
Wed Sep 8 16:39:18 PDT 2004

This is happening on September 9, 2004

I know that this is a little off topic and may not make it out on time but I 
was asked to try. Harris County along with the City of Houston is conduction a 
bioterrorist drill at the Astrodome, Reliant center complex. If anyone wishes 
to participate it is free for all. Just go to Kirby Road and enter at the 
Mcnee entrance. Just say that you are here for the Terrorist drills. It will not 
cost anything to enter or play. They are in big need of volunteers. It is 
being held in the long convention hall on the other end of the building. Just go 
to the big white tent and say that you wish to volunteer. 

Free breakfast and lunch will be served. And it goes on from 7am till 4pm. 
You can leave when you feel like it. I hope this gets out on time and I hope to 
see many friends there. I can be found on table "F" giving out Meds (Candy) If 
anyone is interested there will be other drills in the future and I will let 
everyone know about them as they come up.

In service of the dream
LD Caradoc of the Lost Marchers.
Robert I.

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