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Tue Aug 2 10:07:12 PDT 2005

Unto the Good Populace of Ansteorra Don Brian mac Cael sends warm and felicitous Greetings to All.

This past weekend, in the Shire of Gate's Edge, a new Champion was chosen for our grand Queen.  Congratulations to Don Aeron Harper, who proved victorious, and who, as numerous ladies (and not only a few gentleman) were overheard to comment, looked damn good doing it.  Her Majesty will be well served.  Congratulations go out as well to Her Majesty's new Queen's Hope, Lord Brian O'Huilliam, who overcame a field of fine Youth rapier fighters to retain his Championship.

Thank you to all those good gentles who attended in support of Our Queen.  I pray you enjoyed and will return to our Shire at another time; perhaps at Harvest Faire on October 8th when we will chose our new champions?

Like any endeavor, such an Event did not take place without the hard work of many.  Invariably I will forget someone or something, so I offer my apologies up-front to those gentles I leave out.

First, to the Shire of Gate's Edge itself, who, when I mentioned that I wanted to do this gave me a universal, "Go for it!", and supported me through it all.  Thank you.

To TRM's, Jason and Saereid, who displayed Their confidence in me by granting me the opportunity to bring such a grand and special Event to my Shire.  Thank you.

To HL Eadric, who was the site coordinator, developed the web site, assisted with the planning, drug the Shire trailer up to Coronation to pick up the RP, helped with set-up and take down, let me use his shower Friday night to feel human again as well as feeding my daughter and me both Friday and Saturday nights, and probably more things than I can remember right now.  And who gave me the opportunity to fight for HRM by taking care of things while I was fighting.  Thank you.

To HL Alwyn for making the amazing site tokens.  If you arrived later in the morning and did not get one I apologize -- I planned on 125 people and we had almost 200 attend!!  They were truly a work of handicraft and something that will be carried by many for some time to come I am sure.  Thank you.  Thank you, too, Dolfin!!

To Baron William of Welewen, the Tavern Keeper, and his staff, for providing an outstanding luncheon.  The fare was perfect for the hot day, there was plenty for all, and was some of the best I've ever had, including feasts!  Thank you.

To Mistress Annes who coordinated Gate and spent the entire Event there (even though she had an inner ear infection).  And to her staff who assisted her.  Thank you.

To HL Isobail for handling the cash drop and final tally of Gate (which was really me job as Reeve) so I could both fight and oversee the Event.  Thank you.

To HL Alden who coordinated Heralds for the Field as well as making site announcements.  And to those Heralds who braved the sun and heat.  Thank you.

To Lady Giovanna and Lord Pacha who provided Water-bearing to all.  And to those who assisted in keeping the fighters and populace hydrated.  Thank you.

To Lady Elizabetta, our Shire Hospitaller, who ensured any who needed garb were so dressed, as well as doing the chore of Nasty.  Thank you.

To Don Modius who was List Master and ensured the list went smoothly and efficiently.  Thank you.

To those who helped with set-up and take down -- Don Christoforo, Centurian Thorgard (welcome to Gate's Edge!!), Baron Iohn, Engenulf, HL Eadric, HL Cynthia, Lord Iean, Bob (a brand new addition to our Shire who attended and assised with his first Event) and Lord Dunnchad.  Thank you.

To Brongar who made the sign for the Billy Goat Tavern.  Thank you.

To Countess Sara for commissioning the wonderful scroll for the Champion (something I remembered needed to be done two weeks prior, and probably would have been beaten with feathers and poked with nibs had I asked someone to do one at that late hour) as well as coordinating the all little things for Their Majesties that go into making things go pleasantly for the Crown.  Thank you.

To Duchess Julia and Lady Vara for hand making the wonderful favors Her Majesty gifted each fighter with.  Their efforts will, I'm sure, be rewarded for years to come as fighters display that token throughout the Known World.  (For those of you who have not seen or heard, Her Majesty gave to each fighter as a token a woven sash in Her colors that these two gracious Ladies made.)  Thank you.

To HL Clara who provided the beautiful roses that adorned the Royal Pavilion and that Her Majesty gifted the fighters with.  And to the entire Royal Retinue who made sure Their Majesties were well provided for and that everything was done and where it should be so the Royal Presence was properly displayed.  My friends, Thank you!

To Don Robert who was Marshall in charge for ensuring the fighting went the way it was supposed to.  And who was a superb outgoing Champion.  (Sorry, Robert, for the "old and tired" remark at Coronation -- it was a marketing ploy, you understand.)  Thank you.

To Don Tristan, Dona Antonia, and Don Iago who handled armor inspections so I could be elsewhere.  Thank you.

To Lady Julianna for running the List for the Queen's Hope and ensuring our Youth had their moment in the sun.  Thank you.

To Baroness Lissa who contributed her baking talents to the hospitality table, her voice to the List Field, her support to me, and her inspiration to many.  Thank you.

To the 50 rapier fighters who heard the call and came to support our Queen and displayed outstanding fighting skills and courtesy.  And to those who supported them in their quest.  Thank you.

And most of all, to my lady, Lady Eryhn, who made the list field pennons, as well as the flags and poles for the list field, set up the hospitality table as well as providing much of the fare for it, found the necessary supplies for the misting tent, did most of the leg work for me, provided a sounding board for me in planning and organizing, kept reminding me of things to get done, who always assists me in ensuring my daughter is well taken care of at any Event, who supports me in anything I chose to do and keeps telling me I can do anything I want to do, who takes care of me when I let her, who...(well,you don't need to know about THAT one), and who provides me with inspiration and devotion.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, Ansteorra, for making this a Land to be proud of and an honor to serve!!

I remain,
         In Service to the Dream,


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