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Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 21 19:46:52 PST 2005

And I'm still giddy with excitement!
To all the Artisan's who offered treasures, WOW! I deeply appreciate your gracious gifts. There were many lovely items, some made by familiars & many who are yet unrecognized.
Baroness Oriana, your illumination is exemplary, Mistress Julianna, the cordials were yummy as were HL Katherine & HL Melisende's sweets. HL Saqra's woven belt & whom ever wove the  trim...perfectly even! And who made the inlay box?, another Wow! Mistress Stella, Baroness Ameline, HL Rixende?? > What oh what will I do with all those hand made glass beads?! > enter grin here! The cute angel bear touched my heart & will be given to a 3 yr. old family member who is suffering with cancer...Thank you dearly. 
These only mention a few, To all who offered gifts & well wishing, I commend your generousity & support. 
My love is deep of heart for Ansteorra & its Artisan's. TRM's Ulsted & Cateau, 
Mistress' Jehanne, Ariella, Gwyneth, Master Aethelstan & all the Laurels, I appreciate all you do for this Kingdom & its Artisans...your deeds are many & giving. 
lastly...For those interested, I will be creating the mate to the mitten in classes/demo this Spring & Summer, please join me in my pavilion by the list field when indoor space is not an option. Even if you do not embroider, spangles & gold or silver purl make great largess...so do tassels! 
I'm off for Estrella & am taking the Elizabethan netted tassel class with me...ok > & the mitten!
Hope to see you at Gulf War!
Armed with needle & thread,
HL Dyan du Lac Calendre
Premier Artisan Ansteorra

Ciard49 at aol.com wrote:

In a message dated 2/14/2005 11:02:39 P.M. Central Standard Time, 
stacy.dickey at sbcglobal.net writes:

HL Dyan des Calandres from Rosenfeld is the artisan

Dyan du Lac Calendre is our Premier Kingdom Artisan and none is more 
deserving than this sweet ultra talented very gentle lady, whom I am proud to call 
my dear friend.

Ciard O'Seachnasaigh
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