[Ansteorra] Going Soon... Time to say Goodbye

David Backlin edrei at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 15 21:17:54 PST 2005

What? You mean me? No, no. It's time to say goodbye to Dewi ap Hywell, our Fearless Leader of the last two years. 

It's "the Ol' Order Changeth" this weekend at Cracked Anvil as Dewi steps down from the exalted position of Smythkepe Senechal and hands it over to the lovely and talented Alys Ronwen.

You haven't forgotten about Cracked Anvil have you? Surely not. We have lots of fun things planned from fighting to classes and of course a yummy "Knight in Paris" feast.

What KIND of fighting? Well, we have the Smythkepe Rapier Defender Tourney, the Children's Champion Rapier Tourney as well as a Swiss 5 Tourney for the heavy fighters. And if you ask nicely, maybe we'll also have some Boffer Dagger duels.

Fighting not your cup of tea? How about a Brewing Competition? Catagories include Wines, Meads, Cordials, and Beers (but no tea). Bring your favorite batch of homebrew and put it to the test... NO documentation needed!!

I mentioned classes, didn't I?  Yes, classes on such subjects as Running a List , Getting the most out of your Sewing Machine, Period Encampments, Basic Beer,  Becoming a Live Weapons Marshal, and even "How to Survive a Modern Fabric Store". Oh yes, there's also a class on playing the harp with other instruments (I better not forget to mention that one lest someone harp on me about it) as well as classes on beginning spinning and beginning scribing.

In the evening we wil feature our Knight in PAris Feast with such delacasies as Mushrooms la Fallon, Herbed Chicken in Wine Sauce,  Daguenet Peas (that's Daguenet, not Dragnet), Rice Almondine with Currants, Candied Orange Peels, French Meringue cookies and much, much more.

After feast, join us for Revel Classes including Tigger Heraldry and Plague Frog. 

And if that's not enough, peruse our fine selection of merchants.

But remember: that's THIS WEEKEND... February 19th. Site is the Franklin County Fairgrounds 802 N 29th Street Ozark, AR. Site opens at 8am. This event will NOT be repeated (I repeat: this event will NOT be repeated). If you miss this event, we'll give your fun to someone else (and you wouldn't want people to know you're no fun, would you?)

So mark this on your calendar (if you haven't already) and join us this weekend. For further details, please see our webpage: http://www.smythkepe.org/pages/5/index.htm

Be there, or be square (or be round or be triangular)!

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