[Ansteorra] Kingdom A&S Thank You's

Stacy E. Dickey stacy.dickey at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 16 07:49:32 PST 2005

Good Morning Ansteorra!

    Kingdom A&S Competition has come and gone now, completed with much success and new milestones to be remembered for quite some time. We now have our first Premier Kingdom Artisan, Dyan du Lac Calendre... much congratulations to her! (She produced a breath-taking gilded glove.. a must-see!) Additionally, several recognitions went out for our Gulf Wars competitors, those who scored over 40 on their entries, and many locals received awards for their efforts in Elfsea and the kingdom.

    Now I'd like to take a moment to thank those whom offered so much hard work and dedication in this event. Without you, it couldn't have been such a success:

Her Majesty Cateau, for gracing us with Her ever-cheerful presence

HL Medb, the event's Keystone

Our other autocrat, Lady Sabine, for all the coordination and planning for the event

Mistress Jehanne, Mistress Ariella, HL Katherine, and their crew of laurels & judges

To all the artisans entering the competitions. Without you this event wouldn't happen... not to mention, it isn't easy putting forth your personal work for judgment. Kudos to you all. Your entries were fabulous!

HL Lyonette for the difficult job running the kitchen & providing such a fantastic sideboard... while also participating in the competiton with a wonderful woodcut print (Congratulations on the Iris, dear!)

Mistress Kaitlyn & her adorable 4 year old daughter Alex, HL Caelin, Baron Armand, Jacynth de Warwick, Nissa, and Baroness
Katya for the prep/cleaning in the kitchens. You all worked *very* hard and produced fine results!

Mistress Neassa, Baroness Katya, HL Isobel, and HL Rixende for serving the sideboard

Master Philip for running children's activities and lending direct support

Don Valentyn, Lady Genna, Aleah, young Lexie, Lady Hanna (congrats on the AOA), and Ingrid for working the artisans' registration aspect

Lady Irina, Baroness Dana, Lady Gwenllian, Elizabeth Dabernoune, Lady Nuala, Elspeth, and HL Medb for running the gate... and smiling the whole time!

Equiis Cassius, Countess Sibri, and my son Grant for assisting in the production of our site tokens... and again to Cassius for feeding me the neat idea of etched stained glass

Earl Duncan & Duchess Larissa for the use of their banners and personal support

Baroness Ameline, Baron Armand, Countess Sibri, HL Rixende, & Countess Allyson for their dedicated, continued support

I so sincerely apologize if I missed any names, and I'm sure there are more to be thanked. But in whole, you all did an awesome job in making the occasion so enjoyable for the populace. I send my deepest gratitude to you.

Humblement Vôtre,

Madame Colète d'Évreux
Co-Autocrat for Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition

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