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Two approaches come immediately to mind, both of which actually serve the 
Society as a whole over the long term:

(1) Do nothing directly, BUT leave the door / communications open -- AND 
occasionally draw attention to the circumstance.  Build relationships 
slowly, accepting that some participants cannot in good conscience or for 
reasons of economics "play" outside their immediate area.  Perhaps organize 
caravans to reduce travel costs, or travel ourselves for the purpose of 
teaching.  (Right now, I am limited in means and by time, so I MAY make it 
to one event a month and three or possibly four local meetings -- but I do 
what I can via electronic means, and locally.)

(2) Put more energy into bridging the gaps whenever possible, and not 
detracting from that wider growth.  Find the local "leaders" / influential 
participants and quietly enlist their assistance in promoting Kingdom 
identity and participation.  Quietly, gently work toward inclusion of those 
who are not in this for the social aspects, but love "the Dream" and 
particular aspects of arts, science, combat, research, and whatever else. 
Enlist the assistance of the insular factions in projects that don't require 
travel but do engage their core interests.

That being said, we are in a period where costs of travel and participation 
make it increasingly attractive to do as much "locally" as possible.  We 
also are an organization of broad and sweeping coverage, where some personal 
interests do not really lend themselves well to wider community other than 
as those interests lead to exchanges of techniques, "war stories" [even 
artists have war stories, about their trials and travails mixing glair / 
dealing with dust / cracking open molds / etc.], and other directly-shared 

THERE IS ROOM FOR ALL under the broad banner of "the SCA"; we can only 
encourage, not demand, identity with non-local groups or pursuits.

Ah, the joys of leadership in a volunteer organization! <VBEG>

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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> Many groups have the problem of much of their populace being not  willing 
> to partake in Kingdom activities/culture. As a result, their  thinking 
> becomes very insular and  creates problems because their  vision of the 
> SCA  does not grow as the Kingdom's does.
>  How would you  propose to bridge this gap between the 2 visions?
>  Awaiting your answers!
>  Lorraine DeerSlayer 

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