[Ansteorra] Ogre-Ball

Corey Van Zandt Sircorwin at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 21 12:56:55 PST 2005

For those of you who have not heard....we in Rhoadd like to play the game Ogre-ball....also known as Blood of Heros it is much like football or rugby.  4 years back I created a Sheep out of a 40 lb heavy punching bag, gave it rattan legs and a Gatorade bottle for a head.....thus Flossie the Sheep was born and we in Ffynnon Gath did revel and all was well UNTIL the morning after last Jagermiester....we discovered our Flossie had disappeared...nay....was TAKEN by the Jealous SheepMolestors in the Grand Barony of Bjornsburg for they had no sheep of their own.  A war was faught for ownership of Flossie and with no clear victor.....Joint custody was awarded between the Barony and the Shire.  As you will see....Flossie really gets around....returning from Bjornsburg with several offspring....one of which looks curiously like Master Ivar...

This is the Cronicle of her journey

The people of Bjornsburg are one of this kingdoms most valued treasures....

Sir Corwin

I laughed so hard I think I may have ruptured something....hehe

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