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Thomas A Smith smithfamily at aspect1.net
Fri Nov 25 20:01:36 PST 2005

Your Excellencies,

I am interested in putting together some ideas for thrones.  Unfortunately, 
I have been much occupied with mundane work, and will continue to be through 
the end of December.  Please cosider this as a "letter of intent" to submit 
a bid as soon as I can.

As a point of clarification, when you say that the chairs should assemble 
with "little or no hardware", does this refer specifically to screws, bolts, 
and other fiddley bits that need tools; or does this also refer to manually 
inserted pegs and wedges as well?  I think that it will be difficult if not 
impossible to devise a breakdown design that is both sturdy and uses no pegs 
or other means of securing the parts together.

Thomas atte Woode "Et, et, ðu eart to ðynne"
(Tom Smith)
Cell phone 281-782-3861
smithfamily at aspect1.net
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Subject: [Ansteorra] Thrones

After many, many years of excellent service the time has come for
the Barony of Stargate to retire her baronial thrones. In light
of this, we, Ihon and Isabeau, Baron and Baroness of Stargate, now
ask all interest woodworkers to submit bids to replace our tired
and worn servants. It is our sincere hope to have the new thrones
by Stargate's next baronial, April 14-16, 2006.

The style we have in mind would be similar to new Kingdom thrones
but we are open to other suggestions. We would like the new
thrones to incorporate the Stargate arms (or portions thereof) in
some fashion. For instance, the two uprights of a high back might
be the two towers and a pad for the back might be the sable pile.

See http://stargate.ansteorra.org/ for Stargates arms or for the
more heraldically minded :) -- Argent, on a pile sable, a star of
three greater and six lesser points argent, in base two towers
counterchanged and a laurel wreath sable voided argent.

The seat should be padded as well. We prefer a slight tilt to
the back for comfort. We also would like them to breakdown flat
and assemble with little or no hardware.

Please contact us should more information be desired. Please
submit your bids, including specifications and cost on or before
December 15, 2005.

We look forward to hearing from the fine woodworkers of Ansteorra.
ihon & Isabeau
Bandb_stargate at ev1.net
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