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Fri Sep 2 11:36:53 PDT 2005

I just spoke with Eric, he said that we still have families unaccounted for 
at this time.  Please keep sending your prayers their way, that all will be 
found safe.

He mentioned that one goal, after finding everyone and getting them shelter, 
was to get these people back into playing as soon as possible.  They will 
need everything of course.   Garb, armor, tents, chairs, feast gear etc.

I propose that we have a sew down.  Almost everyone has extra fabric and 
trim.  Lets get our sewing machines out and start producing garb in various 

Armor is another issue.  If you have extra of anything I know they would be 

In service,

HL Mary Elisabeth

From: "Trish Kvamme" <ladyoftherose at hotmail.com>
To: steppes at ansteorra.org
Subject: [Steppes] More Information
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 17:49:05 +0000

His Grace sent this to me so I am forwarding this to the list to help people 

much love,



The follwing was posted on the Gleann Abhann list.

Because of the literal flood of offers to help, I have appointed a Special
Deputy for Disaster Relief within the Seneschal's office of Gleann Abhann.
Master Erik of Telemark has agreed to head up this effort.  You can contact
Erik at irongld at bellsouth.net or call 601-672-7571 (cell) or 337-993-1710
(home) with any questions or offers and he will try to match offers of help
with those in need.

Master Stephan of Durham

Seneschal, Gleann Abhann

They are maintaining a semi-confidential database of offers for shelter
and requests for aid.  They will need to know mundane names, address,
phone, how many people you can take, any restrictions, how long you can
house them, etc...

Everyone should offer what you can, but think real hard about it and
don't offer more than you really can provide.  From experinece, I know
that it can be both joyous and/or a pain in the ass to open your home up
long term to those in need.  However, it is something we need to do, if
we are able to.


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