[Ansteorra] Apology from Nasir al-Fayyid

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I am not without sin and I certainly dont cast  stones,

I carry a big stick with strings attached.  So I can shoot  those arrows.

My point is if it is not you involved, then why be so  insecure as to get 

See there, I said I had opened up a  can of worms.   My point is   ......we 
are all  different and thank god for that  difference.


A parent slaps the face of their 2 year old child for nothing more than  
A racist uses a hateful term in front of your child or you for that matter  .
A friend of yours works for weeks on a project and someone rips it apart  
about how it is not right and upsets your friend almost to tears. 
A "Christian" says on TV that the people of New Orleans were  being punished 
with this storm for their "wicked" ways. 
None of these happened directly to you yet nothing would offend you?
Those that can go thru life without ever becoming offended by hurtful  
actions or deeds done to our fellow man is no friend to anyone but themselves.  And 
if you read these words are offended then good. It's about time.

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