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Fri Sep 9 22:42:40 PDT 2005

> > What I'm hearing is that upon seeing someone she believed was being
> > abused she should have just ignored it. She was not offended and
> > complained to someone. She was pissed off and ready to beat him to a
> > bloody pulp. It is being presented that only one person in the tavern
> > was offended. This is not the case. Only one person spoke up. Alf
> > was lucky she said something. There were a few others offended and
> > they had no interest in speaking. A couple of big, ham-fisted squires
> > were about to hurt him. Several others were offended as well. It may
> > very well have been a game, but a number of people saw it as abuse of
> > a lady.
> >
> > I won't even start on the old "she didn't mind defense." As a
> > teacher, I see kids and women abused who "don't care," or "deserved
> > it." While it very well may be true that the play here was fine with
> > the lady in question. If she didn't speak up that night (and by the
> > accounts I've heard, she didn't), how does a person know ?
> >
> >
> > Iago
> >

They Could ask.  I have worked in security for a lot of my adult life and 
one of the first things i was taught was in any situation find out what is 
happening before you react.  You never know what consenting adults are going 
to do in public.

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