Getting Involved... (was Re: [Ansteorra] Apology from Nasir al-Fayyid)

Criestien kim_kopec at
Sat Sep 10 04:45:17 PDT 2005

I would have to say that I agree.  The Society as it was taught to me is based upon honor and chivalry.  If the incedent in question is one of fun, but was misprecieved, Honor dictates that one does appologise for the offense.  A house joke is always an ok thing, but it is best left to happens in house camp.  That way no one can be  easily offended as they might have a better chance of knowing what was going on.  I say, Kudos Captian for your willingness to take responsibility and try to set things right.  It shows a good understanding of honor and chivalry.
For after all, isnt it True honor that we all strive for?

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Without Morals and Ethics, you can have no Honor.

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