Getting Involved... (was Re: [Ansteorra] Apology from Nasiral-Fayyid)

Cam Battaglia momma_cammie at
Sat Sep 10 05:45:20 PDT 2005


 While it very well may be true that the
> play here was fine with
> > > the lady in question. If she didn't speak up
> that night (and by the
> > > accounts I've heard, she didn't), how does a
> person know ?
> > >
> > >
> > > Iago
> > >
> They Could ask.  I have worked in security for a lot
> of my adult life and 
> one of the first things i was taught was in any
> situation find out what is 
> happening before you react.  You never know what
> consenting adults are going 
> to do in public.

Exactly!  That is exactly right ... even the police
when called out to a domestic violence call have to
ASK to find out what is really happening!  Yet in our
Society it appears that one can be branded guilty
without any questions being asked ... this is what I
meant by "perceived indignity".

I've seen it mentioned in one or two of these that
this  one lady wasn't the only one offended, and that
"several large squires" were about to beat him up ...
but did any of these people stop to ASK the lady (or
her husband) if either of them were disturbed by the
actions of Nasir al-Fayyid?  Most likely not.  We have
made a lot of assumptions here, but as far as I can
tell the person who suffered the offending behavior
(the lady who had her hair pulled) and her husband
have remained silent.  Perhaps they have no problem
and simply wish all of this would go away now.

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