[Ansteorra] pirates v vikings

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Perhaps you are just asking the wrong people or need better connections for 
your letter of Marque. I managed to acquire one a while back, even came in 
handy at least once, even for someone who is not even a pirate or sea faring 
person. Speaking of pirates though, funny thing about my name, when we were 
trying to pass it, seems there was a Chinese pirate with a similar sounding 
name. What fun we can have with this game of ours.
Yours in Service,
HE Chiang, Centurion
Captain of the Baronial Guard of Bonwicke, and retired public servant after 
a fashion

"Did you think that God would exempt Weybridge? He is not an insurance 

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> So according that that logic, we are just "Free men of the Sea" who have 
> gone plundering...
> ;)
> And a "sailor who plunders an enemy kingdom's ships" is a pirate, unless 
> they have a letter of marque. If the "higher-ups" would rather us portray 
> ourselves as privateers or something else more proper, then why not play 
> along and issue letters of marque and get the crews more involved on the 
> "persona play" level? I personally have been trying to obtain a letter of 
> marque for over a year without success... and it's not like I am a 
> freeloader in the SCA... I have 3 awards for service, I routinely help out 
> at demos and events, I don't just "play" my persona, I also educate (with 
> my historical research) those interested in it. Some call it an 
> obsession... I call it a passion for the dream.
> In Service,
> Lord Duncan MacNamara
> Captain of the Iron Lotus
> Commodore of the Allied Outlanders Fleet
> 6th Chivalric Champion of the Black Company

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