[Ansteorra] The whole pirate thing...

Cairenn Day cpenny at swbell.net
Tue Sep 13 08:34:09 PDT 2005

By the way, there are a lot of modern researchers who feel that the
Vikings did a lot more trading and very little raiding.  Most of their
'known' raids were written about by either their enemies, years after
they happened, or by their descendants, centuries later. A modern type
example, the movie version of the West. Bits of reality, lots of

I have the same problem with those who declare themselves, pirates, that
I do with declared 'ninjas'.  If a member of either of these groups,
were in a 'normal' society of their time, they would not have declared
themselves to be a pirate or a ninja.  A pirate, would have claimed to
have been a trader or other 'normal' occupation, so they could learn
about what 'prizes' would be sailing soon.  A ninja, would have tried to
blend into their society, they WOULD have never worn their 'black suits'
around, in the midday or other than when they were 'at work'   A pro
football player, doesn't wear his pads to the grocery store.

Just my opinion,
Cairenn, who would love to have a late period persona, as a member of
O'Grady's crew

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