[Ansteorra] The whole pirate thing...

Duncan MacNamara duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 13 17:17:38 PDT 2005

I see the point from your(and everyone else's) point of view, I really do. 
But perhaps I have been going about this the wrong way? Perhaps, in the name 
of diplomacy, I could call our Hosuehold a "Nautical" one and call ourselves 
"Free men of the Sea" instead of "Pirates" until we gain our Letter of 
Marque. This way we can meet in neutral waters, so to speak, and I will not 
at the same time be mis-representing ourselves.

Our ship will still fly our flag, however... It has now become synonymous 
with our Household... all of our belt favors feature a variation of it, 
which I took the design from a period design I found for a skull and crossed 
bones off of a tombstone, and the Maltese/Formy cross from my registered 
Coat of Arms. Once we gain a Letter of Marque, I will also make and fly an 
Ansteorran flag, which will fly properly over our Household banner/flag, 
taking precedence over it as it should.

I think that's a fair tradeoff, wouldn't you say? We will cease and desist 
calling ourselves Pirates (at least in SCA-related activities) and in 
exchange, we can meet in the middle on some of the other things. I think the 
word I am looking for is compromise.

Lord Duncan MacNamara
Captain of the Iron Lotus
Commodore of the Allied Outlanders Fleet

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