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   Well said, milord.  We are alike in many ways, old
 friend. I too, do this as accurately as I can
   Some of my tricks;  I picked a period I can
 and one Pre-"swishy Pokey", so I dont have to carry
 one of the dainty overlong toothpicks.
   Ship's Capt. Robert Haddock
   Capt. of the Esmerelda, commander of the Haddock
 Squadron,Chieftain of Clan Haddock, Personal
 of the Triumvirs of House Lightning Mist, Shielld
 Brother to Lord Gunnar of Gunnarsstead, Nightwolf.
 Come again? Did you mean to say that you were pre
 16th century and do not carry a rapier?
 Don Pieter Rausch
 Not a Capt of anything but a Sea Beggar none the

Aye, Don Pieter, that is precisely what I said.
 The swishy-pokey comment was meant as a good natured
jibe at my good friend, Cap'n Mac. It was not intended
to offend anyone in the rapier community.
  My profoundest appology for an unthinking moment,
that appearantly was taken disparaigingly.
  I do not realize, sometimes, how terms are taken
between chivbalric and rapier  communities because I
am neither. I cannot qualify for a fighter  card due
to my disabilities because of the damage done in
combat with Iraq in 1991.
                         Cap'n Rob Haddock

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