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>Not a Capt of anything but a Sea Beggar none the less. 
And just a clarification... Cap'n Haddock and I don't just claim to be Captains... we both have crews to go along with it.... My ship, for example, operates as a Household, and my Captaincy was granted to me by the former Matriarch of Black Company. I'm not sure of Cap'n Haddock's, but I am sure that his Captaincy wasn't taken out of arrogance. 
Lord Duncan MacNamara 
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Commodore of the Allied Outlanders Fleet 
I figured it was a head of household thing. I once call myself capt of the Orange Moon an SCA ship household  but decided that since I was not able to really command a ship and didn't have all the knowledge of the total in's and out's of a 16th cen ship I would stop calling myself Capt. Personal choice. (I still have a problem with rigging tacking and navigation issues)
For now I have enough info to be a deck officer or master at arms (Most research has been in period torture and punishment.)
Don Pieter

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