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* ... But the Tuatha de Danaan (people of the goddess Danu) 
a romantic christian monkish redaction (church sponsored propaganda used to
enforce the christian claim on ireland and it's peoples) that has become
accepted modern dogma.  properly rendered, their name is 
"Tuadhe d'Anu".  Anu is a incredibly ancient sky GOD (one of the first names
of god recorded)... no relation to Danu / Danae (wrong time / place to have
had relevant input).  

* ... were defeated by the invading Milesian Celts between 1200 and 1700
hundred years before Christ, and depending upon which histories you read,
either were assimilated by the invaders, 
they (Tuadhe de Anu), those they conquered (the Fir-Bolg), those that
conquered them (Milesians) are all "albi-gens" (does that name ring a bell?
... it should): 


all of them had a common origin point - in the trans-sylvanian region,
descendents of the scythians.  they are collectively know in a new and
increasingly accepted theory as the "royal scyths".  each of the peoples
mentioned above represent independent migrations of royal lines and their
followers that migrated westward due to unknown reasons, pretty much
following the path of who went before and ultimately displacing them 

* ... or withdrew to remote areas of Ireland to be part of the Sidhe, the
faery folk (this is a VERY brief description of them and doesn't cover very
much about them at all). 
a good book that touches on the growing modern theory of the "royal scyths"
and how and why they degenerated into the "fairydom" would be Laurance
Gardners "Realm of the Ring Lords" (good mix of in-depth and accessibility
... great note and biblio section, well indexed).  also is interesting
reading on the rise of the symbols and myth of royalty (and "rule").

was pondering that concept today on way to taking advantage of a great sale
at the local Woodcraft ... upgrading my pathetic hodge podge collection of
"rules" (set of 4 precision "rules", stainless steel, 6", 12", 24" and a
40-something" for $15.00 .. this week, also available online).  the "rule"
being a primary mark of ancient royalty (drag out your art history books and
look at the earliest mesopotamian images)

* ...In any case, they were way before our period.
but are important for the many foundations they laid. ... 

"period" has a cut off date by intent of the founders, and no solid start
date aside from the "medieval" period.  as they are wont to do, the
professional historians argue incessantly about when it started and when it
ended (i put the end at the exact moment Martin Luther's hammer first hit
the nail ....).  if there is room for romans (not medieval, why not the
early keltoi (and even their precursors????) 

... most of the scadian keltoi i know got fed up with the game as it
devolved and wandered off into the mists ... including most who originally
founded this kingdom.  many got tired of being told there was no longer a
place for them, because they were no longer "period", by those that came
after them....

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