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My thoughts on the SCA and different groups. Your mileage may vary.

Not everything and everyone *fits* into the SCA time frame and is also considered socially acceptable in the SCA. There is nothing wrong with that. (see the governing documents of the SCA at http://www.sca.org/docs/govdocs.pdf) I've seen groups branch off in myriads of different directions in the last 30 years. Only a small group has had the ability to last more than a few years because of one reason or another.

In the SCA, enforced state religion is quite out, you know....(whether it is Islam, Eastern or Western Catholism, Puritanism, Judaism, etc.)
One cannot go around saying that you are a mass murderer, torturer, pillager, and rapist, either. Well, you could, but you might have a hard time making friends.
Slave trading is highly frowned upon. (Ask Duchess Willow about *that* can of worms...)
Pimping and prostitution is also not considered a proper occupation within the framework of the SCA, even though it is historically documented in just about every culture. 
Why not, you say?

The governing documents of the SCA state:
"As a living history group, the Society provides an environment in which members can recreate various aspects of the culture and technology of the period, as well as doing more traditional historical research. We sponsor events such as tournaments and feasts where members dress in clothing styles worn in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and participate in activities based on the civil and martial skills of the period. These activities recreate aspects of the life and culture of the landed nobility in Europe prior to 1600 CE. The dress, pastimes, and above all the chivalric ideals of the period serve to unify our events and activities. 
For Society members, most of the world, and all of the centuries prior to the 17th, can serve as a source for personal research. However, the further you go from the core of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, the less the environment we offer will resemble what someone of your time and country would find natural or homelike. For example, you can be an Asian or African guest at a European court, but you cannot expect others to share your special interests - like any long-term visitor in a foreign land, you are the one who will have to adapt to the customs you find around you."
So, if you want to study pirates....go right ahead! If you want to call yourself a pirate, go right ahead....but be prepared to adapt to the customs around you. Like generally accepted courteous behavior, regular bathing, or eating with your mouth closed.

As for me, I'd like to see some Pechneg, Thracians, Macedonians, Illyrians, Bythinians, Carians, Phrygians, Armenians, Lydians, Galatians, Paphlagonians, Lycians, Syrians, Cilicians, Misians, or Cappadocians personas. I think it's cool to have just slightly wierd personas, but they require a bit more researching that just reading a romantic bodice ripper.

Mistress Xene Theriane
11th century Romaioi from Thessaloniki

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> In light of this debate over the accuracey of pirates in Ansteorra, I thought 
> some might like to see the following site 
> http://www.texicanprivateers.com/home.htm 
> This group was founded by a couple of friends of mine who became disenchanted 
> with our fair dream, so started their own game. They do not have a ship as of 
> yet, but they do throw one heck of a beach bash and BBQ! 
> My thanks to Lord Duncan, it's nice to see someone remembers what the "C" 
> stands for. ;) 
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