[Ansteorra] Privateer

george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 14 20:40:43 PDT 2005

privateer: a privately owned warship commisioned to
prey on commercial shipping and warships of an enemy
  Privateers were hired, during wars, by countries in
sudden need of a navy. Privateer is not a fancy word
for pirate. Privateer is a term for nautical
  Now, MERCENARY is a term bandied about freely, so
why is privateer not? Because it is a mis-defined
term, that most people think means pirate.  I am no 
pirate, I am   a mercenary with a ship.
  Before aquiring a  letter of Marque, and shipping
out as privateers, my crew and I were merchant
sailors, with ship's guns for defence.

          Captain Robert Haddock

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