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If I might make a suggestion. The volume of emails from this discussion has 
gotten to the point where I cannot possibly keep up with them and am going 
to be forced to delete them without reading in order to find the stuff that 
I really do need to keep up with. Your discussion has been interesting....to 
a point, but has become somewhat tedious, as well. I suspect that there are 
many others that are reaching the saturation point on the topic. My 
suggestion is this: Write an article for the Blackstar, Tournaments 
Illuminated, or one of the other SCA publications to educate the general 
membership on the topic of pirates. Admittedly I am still not comfortable 
with the idea of someone proclaiming themselves a pirate anymore than I am 
comfortable with someone proclaiming themselves as an outlaw or highwayman. 
Mistress Xene's post on SCA corpora brought up some interesting points on 
that sort of thing. I have, however learned some things from this discussion 
and look at the subject with a slightly different viewpoint, perhaps, than I 
had before it. I am certain that there is more to be learned....teach us, 
but do it in a way that we can read the whole argument rather than be 
subjected to a zillion side points and for instances.

All this started out with a public apology which was well made. I still 
maintain that if one keeps one's hands to themselves, misunderstandings like 
originally occured would not happen. No gentleman, pirate, prince, merchant, 
anyone is permitted to touch my person without my consent. If I offer my 
hand, or engage in a mutual embrace, that is fine, but if you start touching 
me in any other way, you had best be prepared to answer for it, either to 
myself, or to my lord. Even in a game, manners should be considered. How we 
carry ourselves and behave towards others reflects on how others see us. 
That simple misunderstanding probably damaged the impression that person and 
others around them view 'pirates.' That simple act may have done more damage 
than simply upsetting someone. You want to be more acceptable in our 
'society'....then treat every woman like a queen and every man as your 
better. You will gain respect by your actions. The apology was, as I said, 
nicely done, but it is a shame that it was needed at all.

I look forward to learning more about Pirates, Privateers, etc, but in a 
different location.

In service to the Dream

Lady Lyneya de Grey

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I was merely illustrating a point. People want to say that a "pirate" 
persona is not honorable, or that the person who is portraying the "pirate" 
persona is therefore not honorable, based on the fact that pirates killed 
and stole, when there are a whole lot of other "accepted" personas who did 
the exact same thing.

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