[Ansteorra] Romance in the SCA?

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Romance in the SCA? Something that I had always hoped to find myself.  ::le 

It warms my heart to hear of little stories like this! :)

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>Subject: [Ansteorra] Romance in the SCA?
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>Lorraine DeerSlayer commented:
>>I've experienced one of these server auctions and it's really kewl.  A 
>>number of us
>>bought several servers...some for our table and some for other  people's 
>>it was amazing...
>>Another gentle anonymously bid on the lady he was dating...she did  not 
>>know he was able to make the event...the moment he revealed his  identity 
>>her purchasor...at a very high price...is one of the most romantic  ones I 
>>seen in the SCA...
>I would love to hear a more detailed description of this. Perhaps it  would 
>make a good addition to this Florilegium file in the SCA- STORIES section:
>SCA-romance-msg   (33K) 10/12/01    SCA romances and meeting SOs in  the 
>I would also be interested in hearing anyone else's stories that  might fit 
>There is also this file:
>romance-today-msg (12K)  4/13/00    Romantic ideas from period to use  
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