[Ansteorra] RE: Romance in the SCA?

Robin Lindsey moiranliam at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 20 10:49:37 PDT 2005

HEhehee.. It ususally nails you when you're just out for a good time and
not expecting anything.  Three years (as of tomorrow) and 2 babies later, I
find myself saying, "Wait a minute!  How did I get here?"  Cause really, we
were just pals....

Lady Moira Lindsay
Who went from party girl to "soccer mom"

P.S.  Liam - Happy Anniversay, love you best.

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> Roflmao you sound like 3 of the gentlemen in our household.. they couldn't
> find romance if the ladies were to come up and bite them.
> Charinthalis Del Sans

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