[Ansteorra] Need help finding a pet friendly Hotel in Austin

Shyla * shyla_sns at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 12:34:41 PDT 2005

Not familiar with austin hotels but I do know that all/most la quintas (i believe all of them) allow pets up to 45lbs with no pet deposit. There are others-comfort inn, holiday inn etc. that sometimes allow pets (depending on the specific hotel) but charge a fee which can be as much as a nights stay. I also believe there is a website for pet friendly lodging but I'm not sure of the url off the top of my head-if i can find it i'll post that too. Good luck

"Süren Ünegen (Majestic Fox)" <commander at mongounegen.com> wrote:
Any Hotels in Austin open and allowing for pets need to know not having 
much luck finding a place to hide for my mother, pets and myself.

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Süren Ünegen
Mongo Ünegen Jagün

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