[Ansteorra] Romance in the SCA

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 16:31:26 PDT 2005

For those of us unknowledgeable in Yiddish, ask.com
(askjeeves) gives as quick definitions for 'Yenta'

noun: (Yiddish) a vulgar shrew
noun: (Yiddish) a woman gossip unable to keep a secret

However, the site's definitions may fall short of the
vernacular. I mentioned the term to our chief engineer
(not Jewish, but with some background in Yiddish
terms,) and he immediately got the gist of it; a

Now, on with the talk fo romance in the SCA. However,
that can lead to commitmen...errr,
commitm..er..commi.. oh, you know, that 'C' word, that
could possibly lead to the 'M' word!

Val (Grumpye? Olde Bachelor!)

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