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Thank you good sir, for the warning, I have indeed seen some of the risks
involved, but the blacksmith I learned from for years used this method to
protect the metal from rusting.  I do not believe we ever put red hot metal
in, but just hot metal.  It always created a lasting finish on the metal,
and his teacher did the same.  I know that if the metal is too hot, it can
cause a problem..but I will be happy to call you and discuss at further
length the risks involved.


Little Kris



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Good lady please call me before you start quenching hot metal in oil. It has
a real possibility of creating a large fire. I am an amature blacksimth and
also create and sell blacksmith oreinted videos (sorry for the plug) and
will be happy to help. I however do not type and so long answers on email
don't work for me.
Master Fritz
(214) 821-1223

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On Jun 1, 2006, at 8:46 PM, Lady Valkyrie wrote:
> I have a couple questions for those on the list who have blacksmithing
> experience.

> My skills, pardon the pun, are rusty, but I miss working iron and  
> steel.  If
> anyone knows where I can obtain these things - I would appreciate it.
> Thank you all,
> Little Kris

I have forwarded your message to a blacksmithing friend in the East  
Kingdom who can probably answer all the questions you are asking  
here. There are also several blacksmithing mail lists available, some  
of which have a number of SCA members on them.

You might also find some of the files in the CRAFTS section of the  
Florilegium useful, such as:
Blacksmithing-bib  (4K)  2/24/03    "Medieval Blacksmithing  
                                        by Master Tamlene ap Guidgen,  
blacksmithing-msg (49K)  7/15/05    Blacksmithing, forges, tools.
blksm-anvils-msg  (36K)  1/26/99    Blacksmithing anvils. sources.
blksm-forges-msg  (37K)  8/24/98    Blacksmithing forges. sources.
blksm-welding-msg (23K)  3/25/97    Forge welding. fluxes.
bladesmithing-msg (62K)  7/25/04    Steel sources, making knives and  
Forg-Cnstrctn-art (18K)  4/28/02    "A Simple Portable Brake Drum Forge"
                                        by Master Magnus Malleus.

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