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How do I order one of these videos?


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Thanks for the mention of the video "A Blacksmithing
Primer". I actually produced the video and will give
any SCAer a 20% discount if they order from us

you'll need to call and let Catrin know that you're
SCA and we'll discount it on our end.


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> Re: [Ansteorra] Blacksmithing q's
> Q: How to get iron stock?
> www.centaurforge.com
> (One locaiton in New Bransfels texas)
> Everything you need in one place, not the best
> prices on bar stock,
> but if you buy other stuff it's not to badd to throw
> it in on the order)
> Also google "hot rolled mled steel bar" and fins a
> mail order place
> that' has the best prices.
> Lastly, if you are in a hurry you can get metal at
> most lowes or
> Home depot, but you pay about 3 times as much when
> you get it that way.
> (Lowes has better stuff, hot rolled not shear cut to
> size (has nicer edges))
> If you are just learning I strongly suggest this
> book and
> the dvd set is good too (if you can afford it)
> this is also an exccelnt book to learn from.
> Finally i suggest this web site to you, particualry
> the section called Iforge, which is a 
> bunch of how tos for a bunch of different projects. 
> http://www.anvilfire.com/
> Start with the "easy tongs" if you don't have any
> yet. Not great, but really easy.
> Caladin-
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