[Ansteorra] Sable Thistle badge etc. (was:Questionaboutmotifsin artwork)

Chris Zakes dontivar at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 13:15:01 PDT 2006

At 10:42 AM 6/17/2006, you wrote:


>No mention of spurs -- they are historically accurate in a knighting, and I
>like the tradition, but that's currently all they are. Kingdoms that let
>squires use silver chains are violating Laurel's (and thus Corpora's)
>restrictions of regalia. (Thankfully, Ansteorra is not one of those

And just to add to the confusion, there are some kingdoms where peers in 
fealty to the Crown *also* wear chains. Isn't Interkingdom Anthropology fun?

         -Tivar Moomdragon 

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