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Hmm.. I never heard of squires having chains and spurs, at least in the SCA





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That's not quite accurate.  Some kingdoms blue belts are much more common 
for squires than red.

But generally they are not reserved.  If you have a spiffy outfit that 
historically would wear a red belt, feel free.  And don't take any guff that

you're presenting yourself as a squire.  You're wearing an accurate piece of

dress at an event, and that should be appreciated.  But be prepared, someone

probably will take umbrage.

Sir Morgan - Who's not really sure why anyone would "pretend" to be a squire


Very true. And a red belt alone is not indicative of a squire. There are a
neck chain and spurs to complete the insignia set. Same for a knight with a
white belt. 


Without the chain and spurs they are just colored bits of leather to
coordinate with your outfits.



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