[Ansteorra] Land and Title . . . (Was Squires, Spurs and belts, OH MY!)

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Sat Jun 24 18:17:40 PDT 2006

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>The SCA doesn't strip people of "land and title" do they? I've personally
>never heard of it, although BOD banishment would kind of seem to effectively
>do just that. What I'm wondering is, has there ever been a case when a
>Monarch decided that someone was so disgracing their Order, Coronet,
>Peerage, etc. that he actually stripped the person of that rank/title?

Corpora says that the Board can strip someone of their peerage or lesser 
awards (http://sca.org/docs/govdocs.pdf and scroll down to page 29 for the 
details.) Under most circumstances, I expect the Crown of a given kingdom 
would need to make such a recommendation, otherwise the Board is unlikely 
to be aware of the problem. Checking Ansteorran law, it says that a Court 
of Chivalry is required  before such a recommendation could come from 
Ansteorra (http://seneschal.ansteorra.org/forms/Jan2006_Ansteorra_Law2.pdf 
and scroll down to page 30.)

Although I'm reasonably sure that Courts of Chivalry *have* been called in 
the SCA, I don't think one has ever been called in Ansteorra.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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