[Ansteorra] Land and Title . . . (Was Squires, Spurs and belts, OH MY!)

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I rather doubt that was the situation that got him banished.  Aside from the
porn video he and his queen made to pay for their reign, there were many
many other incidents.

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  Ok, I was thinking of someone else. I don't remember Amazons being
involved at all.



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  Six or seven years ago when Aveloc was on the Throne of An Tir he attended
Gulf War.  The Amazons decided to kidnap the pretty blond king and hold him
for ransom - you know - beads and bangles and baubles.....   As we were
quietly moving in on him at a late night party, one of his entourage picked
up on what we were up to and whisked him away just seconds before we closed

  Perhaps the moral of this little tale is - be careful what you wish for
because it may come with more of a 'bad' rep than you really want to have
follow you home. :)



  Aveloc the younger is the individual in question, and while I know he
  received the level 3 banishment from the board, I checked the An Tir OP to
  see if he was still listed.

  Indeed he still is, at position 43, as a Duke of An Tir and various other
  assorted awards.  So it appears they didn't strip him of his titles, since
  believe if he had been, the OP would have been updated to reflect it.  I
  suppose they decided that removing him from ever playing the game was all
  that was needed.



  I have heard the whole sorted affair from my friend in An Tir who was
  Suffice it to say it was long and ugly, and banishment was almost a
  conclusion. I find it interesting though that's he wasn't stripped of
  as well, sort of "erasing" his presence.



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