[Ansteorra] Waterbearing at SPringfaire

Daralynn Brittain elspeth013 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 14:20:30 PDT 2007


I would like to thank all the volunteers at the waterbearing tent this 

Once again, the youth of Ansteorra came out in force.  And I even had a 
couple of newbies to show the ropes to.

Thanks to Elane, Christienne, Adelaide, Recala, Nicholas, Dare, 
Elizabeth,Robbie, Eric-- I know I have forgotten someone, thanks to all that 
helped. (Also, much thanks to the guys that helped tote, and put up the 
pavillion!!) Waterbearing is one of those somewhat invisible jobs, and I 
want everyone to know how much they are appreciated.  You keep our fighters 
and populace hydrated and happy.

I hope to see all of you volunteering at future events.

To the Waterbearers of the Central Region, if you need anything for your 
future events, please do not hesitate to call me.

Thank you again,

Lady Elspeth de Stervlen
Central Regional Waterbearer

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