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I'm not sure there is a group that actually claims the Brenham area.  You are almost exactly halfway between Stargate (Houston) and Bryn Gwlad (Austin).  Looking at the map, you seem to be in the Southern Region, which includes Bryn Gwlad, but you might find it easier to drive into Stargate, or perhaps Westgate or Gate's Edge.  There is also Shire of Shadowlands (Bryan/College Station).  

Stargate's Hospitaler is 
Lady Ciarnat of Firethorn.  You will find her contact info at http://stargate.ansteorra.org/officers.shtml.  I am sure she will be willing and able to help you further work out which group you might like to participate with.  

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Dietrich Strobelbart 
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mka: Steve Scott 
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Fortunately, I keep my feathers numbered for just such an occasion! (Foghorn Leghorn)

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Out of curiosity, which SCA group includes the Brenham area?  Also, are 
there many SCA folks in that area?

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