[Ansteorra] Stargate Baronial Thank You's

Steve Scott (Dietrich) dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 23 10:19:40 PDT 2007

I wish to express my heart-felt gratitude to Lord Gregor of Elfingstone for coordinating List Field Heraldry at Stargate Baronial this weekend.  From what I heard personally, and from others, he did an excellent job!

Sincere thanks also go out to those who stepped in and volunteered to watch my son, Sam, and or our dog, Rusty, when official duties required the presence of both my wife and myself in court.  We don't know how we would have managed without you, and we apologize for not having made arrangements ahead of time.  Please accept our solemn promise to plan things better in the future!  Our hope is that neither of them became too much of a burden on any one person.  

Finally, to those of you who begged for a chance to hold Rusty, we are grateful that our needs coincided with your desire for a lap warmer! ;-)

In gratitude,

Lord Dietrich Strobelbart
Stargate Baronial Herald 


Sgt Gwendolene McIver 
of the Stargate Tower Watch

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