[Ansteorra] We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this important announcement

Terri Hirling thirling at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 17:46:50 PDT 2007

Unto the great populace of Ansteorra do Baroness Isabeau and Lady Cristyana,
event stewards of King's College, send greetings

Their Stellar Majesties Romanius and Deanna and the Barony of Stargate
invite you to a day of scholarship, learning and camaraderie at King's
College on June 8-10, 2007 at Camp Camwood in Hockley, TX (an outdoor site).
Additionally, Their Royal Highnesses, Ulsted and Ebergardis, invite all to
the Royal Huntsman Tournament.

The co-event stewards announce that the ACCEPS is now accepting pre-payments
at (http://acceps.ansteorra.org/regit/kingdom_event_display.php?kid=1).

To entice your attendance, the following is but a small sampling of classes:

Telling Tales of Terror

Hipocras (mulled wines)

Ballet du Cheval (horse ballet)

Intro to Youth Boffer

The Floriegium

Pewter Casting

Research 101

Beginning Woodcarving

Middle Eastern cooking

Thread Covered Elizabethan Buttons

Arrow Construction

Creating Paints from Pigment

Intaglio Dry Point Printing

Seneschal's Warranting Class

Treasurers Warranting Class

Intro the Knitting

ASHI CPR-Pro and First Aid

Basic Wheel Thrown Pottery

As you can see from this sample list the classes are very diversed.  A more
complete list of classes is already on the schedule and class descriptions
can be found at http://sca.clancircle.com/KingsCollege_ClassList.htm.

We are still looking for classes in the following areas:  siege weapons,
textile dying, fireside bardic, field heraldry, metal working,
blacksmithing, basket weaving, papermaking; including additional classes in
outdoor cooking and baking, woodworking, pottery, equestrian, and printing
as well as additional traditional King's College fine arts classes such as
costuming, fiber arts and performance arts to name a few.  We hope the above
will lure you to come join us for a day fun while expanding your
ever-growing knowledge.  The class coordinator, Baron Ihon Vinson
macFergus, requests those interested in teaching to please register online
through the King's College website at

Please remember to bring a chair as there will be a very limited number
available on site,

We now return you to regularly scheduled programming.  Thank you for your


Baroness Isabeau Quiquandon

Lady Cristyana Lambrecht

Co-Event Stewarts

"We live in two worlds . . .  the world into which we are born, and the
other world that is born within us.  Both may be a blessing or a curse.  We
choose."  Attributed as a Druid homily.

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