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Sorry ... forgot to give the link to the articles that have this information 
in them about the grave finds.

You will need to subscribe to the service to see the documentation:

Once you get the membership the article is here: 

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> Alrighty, had a few emails from folks asking for the glove pattern that 
> Dyan and I used for the kids mitten class. It is a pattern for adults as 
> well as kids. :)
> Here is one of three patterns we used to base it off of:
> http://tinyurl.com/6fb98
> This is what it looks like when done:
> http://tinyurl.com/2dmgk7
> As far as we can tell these are very similar in cut to the Merovingian 
> boy's mittens.
> (There are several fragments of leather mittens.  Two such mittens, found 
> in a boy's grave in Cologne Cathedral, were stitched over the whole hand 
> surfaces in lines that formed a lattice.  Doppelfeld, Otto. "Das 
> frankische Knabengrab unter dem Chor des Kolner Comes" in "Germania" 42, 
> 1964, 156-188.)
> If you have a copy of Boucher's book look for it on page 161.
> Here is a link to a period mitten for embelishment 
> ideas.http://www.glove.org/gallery/elizmit.php 

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