[Ansteorra] Honey for Brewers

David Backlin edrei at smythkepe.org
Wed Jan 24 11:13:11 PST 2007

There was someone at Calontir's Lilies War selling honey last year.

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> Egads! 2lb and 5 lb bottles. Forget that. I get mine from Dutch Gold 
> Honey.
> They sell in bulk. I just got 63 lbs of orange blossom honey for $95,
> including shipping. They're very reasonable on shipping, they just use 
> UPS.
> The honey stays under the 70lb price increase. They also have a really 
> nice
> selection, and they're FAST. Got mine in two days. However, make sure you
> follow up internet orders with a phone call. My last order got stuck on
> their server, and after a few weeks of not getting my stuff, I called them
> and found out the problem. Of course, you could just call and order over 
> the
> phone. The staff are quite friendly and helpful.
> Faelan

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