[Ansteorra] Burke- the weather prognosticator

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Thu Jan 18 13:24:55 PST 2007

>With this much ice still on the streets and ground 
>it is preventing the air from warming up very much, plus all this 
>coming snow will do is insulate the ice.  We may not see temps in 
>Central Oklahoma reach 40 before February!

Well, according to Weatherbug Mooneschadowe, as of writing this missive,
is at 39 degrees. Whee! Everything is melting. 

But mostly I'm rather liking all this sleet. When I look at it, what I
see is water -- lots and lots of water. Which we need lots and lots of.
And hopefully the sleet/ice/snow will do a number on the bugs this year
as well.

When I remember what last year at this time was like, this is really
beneficial weather. (If you don't remember -- fires & drought).

Province of Mooneschadowe

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