[Ansteorra] ice ice baby

Susan catmafia at hughes.net
Thu Jan 18 13:56:55 PST 2007

I'm in Tahlequah and our power has been off and on over the weekend, 
with the satalite off more than on.  We are coated in ice and have lost 
a ton of trees-they are down everywhere.  It felt like being in the 
crossfire when they were breaking right and left, expecially when ones 
would fall on the house.  Thankfully we don't have ice on the roads, 
other than that that fell from the trees as they wen't down.

I just hope it melts before we have wind, or we will loose even more trees,
Susan the Curious

David Backlin wrote:

> I have a friend in Tahlequah who says here street is the only one that 
> seems
>to have power. Everyone else is out & it may be Friday before things are 

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