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Well, according to Weatherbug Mooneschadowe, as of writing this missive,
is at 39 degrees. Whee! Everything is melting. 

But mostly I'm rather liking all this sleet. When I look at it, what I
see is water -- lots and lots of water. Which we need lots and lots of.
And hopefully the sleet/ice/snow will do a number on the bugs this year
as well.

When I remember what last year at this time was like, this is really
beneficial weather. (If you don't remember -- fires & drought).

Province of Mooneschadowe

I thought the very same thing the other day - we groan and moan about all this water, but it's
what will be used by the earth come spring.  

Heard a story the other day at church.  During a drought, all the folks kept praying and praying
that God would send rain.  After a time rain came in answer to their prayers, on Sunday morning.
Ironically, rather than heading into church to praise God for his answered prayer, the folks all
stayed home! - why - it's raining outside, don't want to get into the messy weather!  


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