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Greetings from Duchess Marie Simone de Barjavel,
May I ask that each of y'all forward this to your respective e-lists?
The Kingdom of Atlantia would greatly appreciate it!



Knowne World Children¹s Fete
Pray attend good gentles all. King Valharic and Queen
Arielle, gracious Monarchs of Atlantia, extend an
invitation to the children of the Knowne World to
attend the Annual Knowne World Children's Fete at
Pennsic XXXVI.

The party will take place in the Barn on
Wednesday, August 8th from 1pm until 4:00 pm. The fete
is designed for children ages four and older.

In keeping with the Children¹s Party of previous
years, the afternoon will be filled with a variety of
arts and crafts, ongoing activities and live
performances to amuse and delight. ³Sword fighting²,
face painting and palio races are just a few of the
favorites from previous years that are planned again
this year along with some new activities. We will be
having some activities that involve water as well, so
please make sure your young ones are dressed
appropriately. There will be light snacks and drinks
available for children and their parents.

Parents and guardians please note that you should
remain with your child at the Fete if they have food
allergies or other health issues that they are unable
to manage or if they may not leave the party
unescorted. Due to the large numbers of children that
attend the Fete, organizers cannot be responsible for
these issues. Also, Children ages four, five and six
must have an adult remain with them throughout the
festivities. Older children should be checked on
periodically by parents or guardians to ensure their
safety and suitable behavior. Information regarding
the parent¹s or guardians whereabouts during the party
must be given as children come through ³troll² at the
Fete. We ask that children do not bring personal
articles with them while attending the Children¹s
Fete, as the organizers will not be responsible for
lost, broken or stolen items.

Volunteers Needed: Volunteers are still needed for
the Fete! We have need of gentles that want to be
sponsors of their own chosen activity(need a
suggestion?-we have a list to choose from!) or help
with activities that need additional people, or set-up
and clean up . Gentles are needed to set up and help
clean up, and also to provide general help (i.e.
signing in children, relief staff, etc.). We can never
have too many people helping. Volunteers will need to
be at the barn around noon if possible and around 11am
if they want to help with setup of the Fete. Please
consider giving a few moments of your time to ensure
the children have a magnificent time!
If you would like to help, or need additional
information, contact Duchess Kyneburh Boithuile,
Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain, or Lady Niccolina Mann
at fete at atlantia.sca.org, or by phone to Mistress
Ceridwen at 540.663.3453. This is assured to be
another fun-filled festive occasion for the children
of the Known World. Please remember that without the
generous volunteers who give of their time and energy
each year, the party would not happen.
I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought I'd
rather dance with the cows until you come home.
Groucho Marx

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