[Ansteorra] OT: SCA Baby?

Aline Swynbrook alineswynbrook at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 10:20:22 PDT 2007

A few notes from someone not yet a parent:

Please don't assume that a gentle who is watching
someone else's children will gladly watch yours as
well without checking with that person.  I was once
watching a friend's child at an event who I could keep
in eye-sight while seat (I had injured my foot three
days before and was not up for much running around). 
Within an hour, five other children had accumulated
with no parents in site to play with the one child I
was watching.  I didn't know most of these children or
their parents and could not easily run after them. 
They were left in my "care" for over 2 hours.

Also, please, please know where your children are and
what they are doing.   At Northkeep's Castellan two
years ago, I returned to the camp my lord and I were
sharing with his Laurel and extended apprentice and
kin to find three young boys trying to catch leaves
and sticks on fire from one of the in camp torches. 
There were no parents in sight, and this was during
the year when the region was under a severe burn ban.

Overall, the majority of parents involved in the SCA
are very good about watching their children, and I
look forward to raising my own children in the SCA one
day.    In the mean time, I would suggest you make
friends with other parents of similarly aged children
and see if they might be willing to share the cost of
a nurse or sitter, or to camp together and share
child-watching duties.  It will keep your children and
those around you safer in the long run.

In Service,
Ly Aline Swynbrook

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