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Christine Huse casa_de_vaca at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 10 19:34:07 PDT 2007

I have a tunic with The Fray device on it because my husband in The Fray.
About 3 years ago, we were at Three Kings and I was trying to help the MoC
with sewing some mittens.  I turned my back on my 3 year old for less than
10 seconds, turned around and she was gone (kids are too quick for having
such little legs). She was found on the list field seconds before they
called lay on. The field marshal scooped her up and took her to a Frayman.
Please understand, I am not a bad mom and I am very good at watching my wee
one, but like I said they are very quick....tunics with a familiar group
device is very helpful when these things happen.

I suggest either a household or group device on a tunic. With tunics they
can not remove them.  Household or group devices are easily recognizable and
if your child does do a Houdinni trick on you, someone can locate someone
you know to get your child back to you.  I agree with Alden on badges and


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While most people are likely to identify your device and associate that 
with you, putting your device on someone else implies that person *is* 
you, or speaks with your authority (ie, your herald).  Badges are used 
to identify a person's belongings (including people).  Unfortunately, 
not many people bother with registering badges, or use them enough to be 
regularly associated with them, so the connection of a little one 
wearing a parent's badge would be wasted.  Using a branch's populace 
badge, or a commonly known household's badge would work well though in 
at least getting the little one to the right group of people.

Submit to the heralds!  Register your name and armory today before 
someone else does!  Ask your local herald for assistance.

In service,
Alden Drake

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