[Ansteorra] looking for a metalworking artisan

John Cole master_aethelstan at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 09:43:46 PDT 2007

I'm *way* overbooked, but if you want to look close to home, try HE Ainar.
  ps. you can usually find the kingdom laws on coronets and such online off of that kingdoms main web page. They are most always stuck in kingdom law.

zubeydah at northkeep.org wrote:
  Greetings and felicitations...

A dear friend/family member received a Grant of Arms in the Outlands last 
weekend - their sumptuary laws are different than ours in Ansteorra. He is now 
permitted (sort of required, for the first few months, by custom, apparently) 
to wear a circlet.

I am looking for an artisan that works in metals, that might make on a 
commission basis, or have available stock for sale, a circlet, narrower than 

It would need to be masculine and not particularly fancy. I'm looking for a 
gold-toned metal, ideally.

Anyone have any resources / suggestions / referrals for me?


Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya

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