[Ansteorra] OT?: SCA baby

Geneva Tanner tanner.g at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 10 10:28:49 PDT 2007

wow this thread brings back memories LOL my kids are 15 and 14 but I camped with my kids when they were 3 moths old and 2 months old respectively.
  Since I was the one who always arrived first and picked out ground space for every one else I always put me and my midnight feeders at the extreme edge of the camp telling all who would camp near me that I had young children. Most understood and most were okay with that but you are always going to have a few.
  My Stroller was a old English pram that would go four wheeling and looked moderately period (got more complements on it then any thing else I owned LOL)
  when my kids got older a harness was my best friend since my kids did the divide and conquer routine at the mall and when one took off the other looked to see where the other went and took off in the other direction LOL 
  Pack and plays were great in the tent as portable beds and my kids would sleep ANYWHERE!
  toys were wood and passed on when we out grew them But I still have my sons first spear and shield packed up and away for the first grand baby LOL 
  I hope you get good ideas from this thread It sure has brought back a lot of memories :-) 
  Lady Gwen

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